About Us

The ability to adapt as things change is not part of the
education system in America, Katrina Stevens, director of
learning science at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Matt
Greenfield, managing partner of Rethink Education, wrote
in a recent Ed Surge article. Yet many careers, from game
design to engineering, require the ability to adjust plans as
something is built and constructed.


Jones Software Corporation (www.jonessoftwarecorp.com) is a Digital Social Impact Enterprise, who has developed a SaaS, Cloud Based, SEL, Education Learning Platform, iLikeMath, to help K-12 students meet or exceed grade level standards and inspire them to maximize their potential inside as well as outside of the classroom. We work diligently with educators, community and business leaders providing resources, human capital (mentors/champions) and exposure to new ideas for scholars outside of their immediate surroundings. iLikeMath-Cares Program, empowers and encourage scholars to succeed in life, making the connection from personalized learning to career and development. JSC is in alignment with ESSA and the ​ Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness Act​

The Need
Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) is the law that guides schools’ requirements for
scholars’ success perimeters. The law requires: movement toward equity for disadvantaged and high need scholars, all scholars to be taught with high academic standards as preparation for college and career success, education and support communities receive important information from annual assessments that measure scholars’ progress toward high standards, assistance to support and grow local innovations developed by local leaders, and action for positive change and accountability in lowest performing school and students not making progress https://www.ed.gov/essa.

The iLikeMath – Cares Program Solution
The iLikeMath software provides a resource-efficient solution that inspires learning and can be tailored to the very different needs of students. It is a personalized learning math software tool that provides the support and scaffolded instruction needed to raise the achievement of students performing below grade level, while also challenging high-performing students. iLikeMath enables computes to become interactive teaching devices that cater to the unique needs of each learner, granting teachers the ability to create assessment exams, from beginner to advanced metrics.

A unique feature of iLikeMath Platform, allows for distinguished teachers to share unique processes or share best practices within the school district, therefore contributing to overall efficiency and district report card.

The Cares Program
is a student meritocracy program designed to provide coaching, mentoring and
Workshops for students who display leadership abilities, work ethic, character and demonstrate
Outstanding Citizenship.

The iLikeMath Difference
The 21st century will present students with a new set of challenges, and require that they develop new ways for seeing the world. However, these challenges are accompanied by a wealth of opportunities to overcome the paradigms and structures that resulted in various forms of inequality. iLikeMath-Cares represents one approach for addressing this inequality, and creating a promising path forward for students from underrepresented populations. By coupling engineering design with an approach that is grounded in helping students design and invent solutions that are important to them, we hope to 1) enhance student skill development in engineering; 2) help prepare them to be socially responsible STEM professionals.